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Meet FastAPPZ, your new best friend.


We know that incorporating your branding is important. With our solutions we are able to customize the icons, colors, and images to make it unique for your business or organization.


Easily customize the content within the app to provide the information your app users need.

“The City’s app from FastAPPZ is attractive and user friendly for both our residents and staff. FastAPPZ is constantly offering new features for the latest trends in digital media. The app gives residents the most frequently viewed information right at their fingertips for a very reasonable cost to the City.” – Suzanne Stemnock, City of Kent, Ohio


Send INSTANT alerts, updates, and promotions to your app users

With our geo-fencing technology you have the ability to provide custom alerts, reminders, news, promotions or coupons to enhance a user’s mobile experience.


Give your app users turn-by-turn GPS directions to your location(s) from anywhere in the world.


Give your app users one-touch calling from inside your app. No more numbers to save or remember.


Let your audience take your app viral with built in sharing capabilities over email, Facebook, SMS, and Twitter.


Feature all of your special events inside of your app. Keep app users informed on the go.


Reward loyal customers for making frequent visits or purchases at your business.


The technology of smartphones and apps changes quickly. We are on top of it, and you will receive the opportunity to upgrade to any new features and functionality as it becomes available.

“The Mobile App that we use from FastAPPZ is very easy to use, easy to update and has been very well received by our citizens. It is an easy way to allow citizens 24/7 access to the City and we are happy to have the ability to provide a service such as this to our citizens at such a reasonable cost.”


Analytic tracking has the ability to show the different screens and paths users take when navigating throughout your app. By following which screens users spend the most time on and come back to most often, you have a clear understanding of the content users are looking for.


As a full-service mobile app provider, our support for your application does not end when the initial setup is complete. FastAPPZ pledges to provide on-going maintenance and enhancements, including new functionality, as well as support for new mobile platforms.


Forget about hiring dedicated staff or training existing technology employees for several months. Our custom mobile app has a reasonable one-time development fee and then a nominal fee per year after that for hosting service, content management, functionality maintenance, training and support.

“People do pretty much everything on their smartphones today, so we thought it would be helpful to have mobile-device-compatible tools. The vast majority of child support tasks are now as close as your phone. Apps are not common in child support agencies. In fact, this is the only one I’ve seen. We think this is a significant stride in our partnership with parents to serve Ohio’s children.”
– Sarah Fields, Asst. Director for Child Support Enforcement, Montgomery Co. CSEA

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The Web Is Dying; Apps Are Killing It. Wall Street Journal, 11/17/14


“As the Executive Director of The Wild Animal Sanctuary, I am pleased to say the app that was designed and implemented for us by FastAPPZ is nothing short of amazing!  Our staff, volunteers, and most importantly – our supporters – absolutely love the app, and we have wonderful interaction with it by all!  It’s a very easy app to manage, and our supporters love all of the user interaction it offers.  We are very pleased with the results, and look forward to using the app to continue to help us reach our core clients!”
– Pat Craig, Executive Director, The Wild Animal Sanctuary